OutPortII 1.0

Perfect for your Halloween lighting effects, on a budget
1.0 (See all)

OutPort II for QK74 has count function added as well as a random output function. Works with Dot Net on XP and VISTA, perfect for your Halloween lighting effects, on a budget. If you have some experience writing batch files then you can easily write a program to control the relay board. A sample test program is provided. The second is a fully-featured Windows-based utility. It was written especially for this application. Of course, you can write your own programs in any language to output a byte to the printer port and the bits which are high will turn on the corresponding relay. The overlay on the PCB shows which bit in the output byte turns that particular relay on. For example, output 00010001, or 11 in hex turns on relays 1 and 5. Each relay number is also marked on the overlay for easy reference.

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